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Data Protection Policy

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We need these data to find out who contacted us and to process the user request  You may volunteer to provide us with additional information about yourself (i.e. your name).  We use your data to send you answers to your questions and information by mail if you explicity request it.  We process the data in response to your enquiry. Our purpose is to answer your enquiry for the purposes of our legitimate interests pursuant to the first sentence of Article 6(1), point (f) GDPR.  Once we have satisfied the enquiry via the contact form, we will delete the personal data collected.


We use server-side cookies. Cookies are small files, which are automatically created by your browser and stored in your device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or similar device) once you visit our website. Cookies do not harm your computer, and they do not contain viruses, Trojans or other malware. Cookies contain information pertaining to the specific device, which accessed our website. However, this does not provide us with direct knowledge of your identity.

One reason for us to use cookies is to make the use of our website more convenient for you. At the latest, session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

We also use temporary cookies to optimise the user-friendliness of our website. Your device stores these cookies temporarily for a specific time. Once you visit our website agian, our server will recognise your device as prior visitor and remember your settings and preferences. You will not have to enter these parameters again.

The data obtained with the help of cookies help us to pursue our legitimate interests as website owners and serve the legitimate interests of third parties pursuant to the first sentence of Article 6(1), point (f) GDPR.