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Project meeting in Piacenza

Project meeting in Piacenza

CPVMatch Consortium in Piacenza

The first project meeting (after the Kick-Off meeting in May, 2015) was hosted by the project partner RSE in Piacenza, Italy on 14. October 2015. The meeting was characterized by high motivation and a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

The meeting showed that the first semester of CPVMatch has been successful. All project partners have a high motivation to collaborate and to achieve high-level scientific results. The organizational structure of the project, e.g. governance structure and procedures are established and proved to be adequate in the first semester. First scientific results have been achieved and a first paper was already submitted.

Quick Facts
Full Title Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technolgies and cells for highest efficiencies
Acronym CPVMatch
Coordinator Fraunhofer ISE
Participants 9 partners (4 Research Institutions, 1 University, 2 Industry Partners and 2 SMEs)
Project duration 42 months (3 and a half years)
Dates May 2015 - October 2018
Type Collaborative project
Project Funding 4.95 M€
Effort 536 person/months