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Project Description


It has been proven that the only realistic path to close the gap between theoretical and practical ultra-high
efficiency solar cells is the monolithic multi-junction (MJ) approach, i.e. to stack different materials on top of
each other. Each material/sub solar cell converts a specific part of the sun's spectrum and thus manages the
photons properly.

However, large area multijunction cells are too expensive if applied in standard PV modules. A viable solution
to solve the cost issue is to use tiny solar cells in combination with optical concentrating technology, in particular,
high concentrating photovoltaics (HCPV), in which the light is concentrated over the solar cells more than 500

The combination of ultra-high efficient cells and optical concentration lead to low cost on system level and
eventually to low levelised electricity costs, today well below 8 €cent/kWh and at the end of this project
below 5 €cent/kWh. Therefore, to achieve an optimised PV system (high efficiency, low cost and low
environmental impact), world-wide well-known partners in the field of CPV technology propose this project
to run and progress together the development of highly-efficient MJ solar cells and the improvement of the
concentrator (CPV module) technique.

The overall aim of the project is to bring practical performance of HCPV modules closer to theoretical limits.

This should be achieved through:

  • novel multi-junction solar cell architectures using advanced materials and processes for better spectral matching
  • innovative HCPV module concepts with improved optical and interconnection designs, thus including novel
    light management approaches.

The central objective of CPVMatch is to realise HCPV solar cells and modules working at a concentration level
≥ 800x with an efficiency of 48 % and 40 %, respectively, with a low environmental impact.

Partners along the Value Chain

Quick Facts
Full Title Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technolgies and cells for highest efficiencies
Acronym CPVMatch
Coordinator Fraunhofer ISE
Participants 9 partners (4 Research Institutions, 1 University, 2 Industry Partners and 2 SMEs)
Project duration 42 months (3 and a half years)
Dates May 2015 - October 2018
Type Collaborative project
Project Funding 4.95 M€
Effort 536 person/months